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29 free apartments

Last 29 free apartments on the Black Sea coast with their own beach.

You need 30% in the beginning

Just pay 30% of the amount and pay the remainder within 2 years.

Private beach

Apartment with a private beach, only for apartment owners



The SPA residential complex

The SPA residential complex of “White Coast” is a boutique complex of closed type, located right он the beach, with spread constructed area of 10 000 sq.m. The project was fully completed for less than 18 months. The investor, who is a major figure in the area, holds a 25-year concession of the mineral water and a 15-year concession of a private beach with an area exceeding 5 000 sq.m.

The design of the residential complex corresponds to the picturesque landscape – with buildings in tranquil flowing shapes executed with natural materials. White color is prevailing, sloping tiled roofing, multiple terraces, cypress trees, sightseeing platforms.

To secure better comfort to the apartment owners, a year-round maintenance and management of the common parts of the properties has been provided.


Bulgaria Bulgaria is a popular tourist destination for many nationalities. The country impresses with its natural and unspoiled nature, tranquility, wide sandy beaches, clear sea, long and hot summer days and lively nights. This is a guarantee for a full value holiday and many entertainment options.






Varna is the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and offers a wide range of entertainment options with its shopping centers, cultural and historical attractions, museums, approved marina. Varna international airport is located approximately 45 km from the complex. It operates 24 hours, all year-round. Within a perimeter of 30 km south of the resort complex are the biggest resorts on the North Black Sea coast: Albena, Golden Sands, Riviera, St.st. Constantine and Elena, with overall bed capacity of more than 150 00 people.


Cape Kaliakra is one of the symbols of the north Black Sea coast. The region is famous not only for its historic past, but also for the wildlife that has been preserved over the centuries. Kaliakra is the only Bulgarian nature reserve, which covers aquacultures - sea area 500 m wide and 8 m long. The reserve encompasses 687 500 sq.m. steppes and towering high above the sea cliffs, slit by caves of various sizes. There are bout 450 plant species, some of them - unique, found only in this area. The variety of birds can be explained by the migratory route Via Pontica, passing over the area.


There are three golf courses in the area - "Light House Golf", "Black Sea Rama" and "Thracian Cliffs". Chief designer of the last two is Gary Player- Chairman of the World Golf Association. "Thracian Cliffs" golf course is aiming at entering the top 5 World golf courses classification soon (the course is located along the Black Sea coast at approximately 2 kilometers from our complex "White Coast").


The resort area Tuzlata with the largest deposits of mud in Eastern Europe is located approximately 2 km south of the complex. There is a mud therapy center in the resort, where mud-cure procedures (partial and whole body mud application, mud baths) are applied; hydro-thermal sea water baths, open mud-cure area (male and female) for mud-cure procedures by body mud coating under open sunlight ( the so called Egyptian method). Looking ahead - a modern SPA and mud treatment center is to be built nearby.


Balchik – one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria, is located 5 km south of the complex. Today the museum and the Art gallery collections, the steep stone streets and the unique architectural style of the ancient town keep the spirit of the historical past. Balchik airport, which is located only 7 km from the complex, is under construction and in the process of approval for charter flights.


Complex "White Coast" is located on the North Black Sea coast, on the territory of municipality of Kavarna. Kavarna region offers excellent opportunities for tourist development in all its forms - from family holidays in the comfort of the traditional country house to specialized tourism - watching and photographing birds and plants, dolphins and other fish in coastal waters, acquaintance with the rich cultural and historical heritage, hunting, fishing, mud therapy, golf.


  • you just need 30% of the total price in the beginning
  • large database of regular clients
  • year-on-year increase in accommodation prices by 35-40%
  • popularity between clients from Russia and Romania
  • excellent location (8km from the center, 38 km from Varna)
  • private beach
  • 2 private outside pools
  • discount for membership in the golf resort
  • SPA and wellness 460 m2
  • great probability of valuation of real estate
  • return on investment
  • an exclusive standard
  • sizes and prices of apartments
  • orientation of apartments
  • when buying multiple apartments, a discount deal is possible


You have a choice of two investment options


Reservations for clients is on you. In this case, you have no extra charges and full profit is yours. The apartment fee is 70€ per month - includes cleaning of the apartment.


You will not care about booking and caring for the apartment. Everything will be secured and in this case the profit of the apartment is divided by 40/60 - the higher percentage remains you.



  • contact us and we will plan a term for evaluation of a "WHITE COAST" complex and apartment together
  • transport to Bulgaria is covered by the client himself
  • transfer from the airport will be free of charge
  • in case of serious interest you will stay in the apartment for 1-2 nights FREE
  • all documents and brochures will be available in the Slovak language


  • reservation fee - 2000 Eur
  • 30% of the total price of the property when you get the property sheet
  • 70% of the total price of the property is paid up to 24 months, it is up to you when.


Or contact us at:

richard.jurcek@lpreality.sk, +421 905 541 086